When should I use an IFA? How Much Do FAs Charge?

3 Mar 2016 | COMMENTS: 0

There’s no such thing as free financial advice. If you want an experienced financial advisor to manage your money, it’s going to cost you. Be ca...

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David Cameron announces plan for 'Help to Save' initiative | Image Courtesy: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (staging.flickr.com/photos/bisgovuk/6331625205), Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic | Flickr What can we expect from David Cameron’s Help-to-Save Initiative at the 2016 Budget?

5 Feb 2016 | COMMENTS: 0

On 16th March, Conservative Chancellor George Osborne will present his seventh Budget ahead of the 2016/17 financial year. Although early prediction...

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What do Independent Financial Advisors do? You Ask, We Answer: What do financial advisors do?

25 Jan 2016 | COMMENTS: 0

There are a few points throughout life where we need to make some big decisions about our finances. This could be when buying a home, inheriting a l...

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You Ask, We Answer: How do financial advisors make money?

8 Jan 2016 | COMMENTS: 0

Before you decide to get advice from an FA, it’s kind of important that you know a little bit more about what they do, how much they charge, and a...

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Learn about your credit rating 9 Questions to ask your Financial Advisor

26 Nov 2015 | COMMENTS: 0

At Local Financial Advice, we’re dedicated to connecting you with a Financial Advisor that will help you achieve your financial goals. When you’...

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You Ask, We Answer: Do financial advisors charge?

17 Nov 2015 | COMMENTS: 0

Yes, financial advice will always have a charge attached to it. Most FAs will offer you a free initial consultation. This is so they can see how the...

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What is Financial Advice? You Ask, We Answer; What is Financial Advice?

4 Nov 2015 | COMMENTS: 0

Financial advice is not just providing information on your finances, but a personal recommendation from a qualified individual. Your circumstances a...

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Is Financial Advice right for me? You Ask, We Answer: Is financial advice right for me?

19 Oct 2015 | COMMENTS: 0

Whether you have an inherent need to seek financial advice from a professional FA all depends on your personal circumstances – though because ...

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Google: Do I need a financial advisor to buy an annuity? You Ask, We Answer – Do I need a financial advisor to buy an annuity?

6 Oct 2015 | COMMENTS: 0

The purchase of an annuity – a product that provides you a guaranteed income for life in retirement, paid for using your pension pot – is a deci...

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You Ask, We Answer – Do I need a financial advisor to transfer a pension?

24 Sep 2015 | COMMENTS: 0

Transferring your pension – the process of moving the value of one pension pot managed by one provider, to a different provider – should not...

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