The Real Cost of Living: Festival Season

10 Jun 2015 | COMMENTS: 0 | Author: Ryan Smith | The Real Cost of Living

Festival season has kicked off, starting with Manchester’s Parklife Festival this past weekend, Glastonbury at the end of the month and culminating in just under 2 months with the infamous Leeds and Reading festival, with many more in between.

It’s very apparent this year that all festivals are in large competition for who can accumulate the best line up, making it even harder to decide which festival, or festivals you will attend this year.

We all know how off putting festivals can become when coming face to face with the price of the ticket alone, before counting up all the hidden costs in the back of your mind that come along with it. All these numbers and costs going round in your head may leave you feeling like you need a financial advisor to get yourself through the weekend with at least a penny to your name by the end of it…

However there are ways and means of getting around this; we’ve devised a number of financial tips that will allow you to attend and enjoy the festival just as much as those who are forking out massive sums of money – but at a much cheaper rate:

Go to Primark and only buy what you need

I know from my own personal experience that when preparing for a festival you can never be over-prepared for the weather conditions that are ahead of you; one of the biggest mistakes someone can make is buying expensive clothing especially for that weekend. Unfortunately I fell victim to the weather last year and sadly every single piece of my clothing ended up drowned in mud or covered in spilled drinks.

It is therefore inevitable that at least one piece of clothing is going to end up ruined beyond repair, so in order to save yourself the heartache of spending pointless money, going to places like Primark and H&M where they provide clothing of a more affordable price -which will also look good – would be a more sensible decision when on a budget.

Opt for the Option of Monthly Instalments when Buying your Ticket

This is a new option which has recently become available for many festivals which allows people to pay for their tickets with monthly instalments, the price of which depending on the overall cost of the festival.

By choosing this option it will prevent you having to fork out a large sum of money all at one time and ultimately allows people with a smaller income to purchase a ticket without it dramatically effecting the amount of money they have left over for other essential costs.


This tip is a hidden gem that not many festival goers are aware of, which allows them to actually gain money throughout the weekend!

Most festivals are now trying to reduce the amount of litter that is left behind at the end of the weekend for them to clean up, so a new rule has been enforced to try and persuade people to pick up their rubbish; some festivals are now offering a sum of money for every full bin bag that is taken to the recycling point in the camp, which could easily gain you a fiver for some food on the last day if, like most people you underestimate the cost of everything at the actual festival, and your budget has been drained within the first 2 days.

Avoid Expensive Equipment

When you go to a festival, don’t expect luxury. For many, a festival will be their only experience of camping, and so it isn’t worth shelling out for a ridiculously priced tent, even if the gruelling British weather may make you consider it for next year.

Alternatively there is the option of renting a caravan but that just takes the fun out of going to a festival and you end up spending 3 times more for the caravan than you do on the festival… so not a good idea if you’re attempting to save money.

A good idea would be to visit places like Argos or even Asda Living a few months prior to the festival to get the best deal because retailers tend to up the prices of festival equipment closer to the date, in hope that last minute shoppers will foolishly spend double the necessary price for something they don’t need in a manic rush.

Pot Noodles vs Heinz Baked Beans

Our final top tip is how to cut back on costs of food and how to avoid indulging into the costly burgers and chips on the festival site for every meal.

At the time, a nice warm portion of cheesy chips may seem a lot more tempting at 4’oclock in the morning after a long night at the main stage than a scrappy pot noodle, but by choosing a pot noodle it will cut your spending costs by more than 50%, and when you look at it like that, the pot noodle definitely starts to seem a lot more appetising.

Finally, when shopping for your midnight snacks, definitely avoid the common mistake of purchasing 20 cans of baked beans to get you through the weekend, not only does trying to get them to the camp site result in a broken back but they are also less efficient in keeping you full, which is imperative at a festival.

Article contributed by Charlotte Borwell for Local Financial Advice

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